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Only six months after the Aventador had its world premiere Lamborghini unveiled the Aventador J. Its overall formula was rather simple: remove the roof and windshield, and add additional aerodynamic components. The result was Lamborghini’s then most radical open-roofed mode to date. And yes, it was designed to be fully drivable on the road, though we figure there’d be some safety issues with the local DMV. Lacking a windshield could be a cause for concern.

Like the newly introduced Aventador, the one-off Aventador J was powered by the same 6.5-liter V12 with 700 hp. Without the roof, windshield and air conditioning (not like it’s needed), total weight came to 3,472 pounds. After its motor show days, Lamborghini decided to sell the Aventador J instead of keeping it as part of its private collection. Someone ended up paying $2.8 million for it. Word has it that, upon seeing it, a rich Arab ruler commissioned another one and paid an unknown price for it.

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