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Our company is present on the European motorization market since 2001. There were numerous partnerships to help us with the comprehension of its specific, thanks to which we won the dependence of thousands of customers, offering them the best quality of service. Exotic Car Parts was created by people guided by passion, people who value the adequate level of exploitation and servicing of the prestigious brands. The loyalty to clients is not the only matter that distinguishes our company. A great deal of partners put full trust in us, thus currently our offer consists of items which are hard to acquire even in authorized services across Europe. 

For many years our company has specialized in turnover of motor cars, both new and used ones. Taking the opportunities given by the open borders and partnership openness of our western neighbors, we began to extend the firms, which nowadays prosper at the highest level, commanding the unceasing regard among purchasers as well as our selected partners. 

Exotic Car Parts’ offer is focused on the western part of Europe, nevertheless, we incessantly expand the area of activity and at the moment our service is also used by buyers from the most distant places in the Old Continent. The parts, both new and used ones, are a tested assortment, which undergoes a special inspection before being delivered to the customer. 

The increasing demand for luxury goods revealed all over the world. It mobilized us to propose new and used parts of reputable brands, either in case of tin, mechanical, propulsive and suspension elements or equipment of sporty and luxury vehicles. We are the leader in this industry on the German market and beyond it.  

Our company aims to distribute its products not only throughout Germany. We serve regulars from all countries in the European Union, as well as Russia, Kuwait, UAE, Thailand, China and the USA. 

Highly qualified staff and up-to-date warehouses located in Germany, Poland and USA (Coming soon) allow us to put forward thousands of tenders to our clients, forming top-level quality of service. The partners collected from the whole European Union provide support, therefore the customer can receive practically every part of the exclusive car a couple days/weeks after. As one of a few on the market, we have access to cut and tin elements sold to owners of the automobiles which are not being produced anymore. These parts are becoming harder and harder to gain, even from the factory availability.


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